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All About Turkey

History of Turkey

Turkeys have been domesticated “in Mexico among the Aztecs, and in the pueblo societies [...]

Types of Turkey

When decision time comes, there are numerous types of turkey that can be had [...]

Nutritional Information of Turkey

The nutritional information of turkey varies according to its parts although generally, the whole [...]

Popular Turkey

Turkey Chili and Other Non-roasted Dishes

There is more to turkey than what we see on Thanksgiving Day — roasted or fried [...]

Turkey Burger and Meatballs

Ground turkey offers a whole new world of popular turkey recipes, most especially turkey [...]

Turkey Side Dishes

To complete the Thanksgiving celebration, the roasted turkey must have several staple side dishes. [...]

Culinary Uses of Turkey

Smoked Turkey

If you’ve ever tasted smoked turkey at a deli sandwich shop, you’d love the [...]

Grilled Turkey

While the typical culinary use of turkey is as a roasted centerpiece during the [...]

Fried Turkey

Imagine the crisp goodness of deep fried chicken translated to a whole turkey, but [...]